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Explore how our SW Factory supports
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CodeNOW covers
the whole application lifecycle.



Software design is an integral part of your solution. Decomposition of the systems into major components and allocation of functional responsibilities will help you and your team estimate difficulty, complexity and allocate the right resources.



A centrally configured git-based Source Code Management (SCM) is part of the solution. All daily work stored and governed in a single space. Be the real owner of the source code to prevent vendor locks! Nothing outside of the SCM can be built and deployed to your organisation.

CodeNOW supports fully automated pipelines for Java, .NetCore, JavaScript/TypeScript.

CodeNOW will generate chassis of cloud-native components We call them scaffolders. These predefined skeletons are designed to comply with the twelve-factor app paradigm. Developers can focus on business logic not on the tweaking of the technological aspects of the application



A powerful continuous inspection of code quality. Run automatic reviews, detect bugs and code vulnerabilities to manage the technical debt. Static code analysis is based on predefined profiles. They are prepared for individual technologies with the customization options to fit your needs.

CodeNOW supports automated tests – such as unit tests at the level of individual methods, integration tests at the level of individual components or whole application and also front-end driven testing.



Management of environments is a natural part of our solution. Create your STAGE and PROD (and maybe other environments) with one click. CodeNOW will take care of automated provisioning.

Deploy your applications to your environments with one-click. All necessary configuration will be managed as a Code.



Includes activities to schedule, orchestrate, provision and deploy software into production. These activities ensure that the target environment is ready to receive the release and to track, log, report and provide alerts on the release activity..

Writing code is the easy part of software development. The real challenge comes when your system is running successfully in production. CodeNOW is built on automated CI/CD pipelines. Automation by configuration positively increases the quality of deliveries and shorten development feedback loops and enables fast product iterations.

CI pipelines are fully integrated into SCM. Validation is performed after triggering followed by building the code, and running unit, integration, and security tests. It performs static code analysis, and artifacts are prepared in the repository.

After the deployment of the entire application to a higher environment, a set of predefined basic smoke tests are being run. CD pipeline deploys all components (microservices) in their respective versions to the right environments.



Maintain systems integrity over time. Avoid risks caused by manual inputs. Our platform allows the management of all configuration files by using a revision control system that manages access rights to individual configurations, including an audit record of their changes.

These configurations are utilized for automatic application migration among environments.



CodeNOW is ready for the collection of time-series metrics. Developers do not need to worry about this discipline at all with prepared CodeNOW scaffolders for business components. Apart from application metrics, the run-time environment and individual managed services are also monitored.

System behavior is visible at the finest-grained level with logging. Distributed tracing enables root-cause problem analysis, performance tuning of individual services, or dependency analysis. You also get a set of pre-prepared rule-based alerts enabling easier management of cloud-native applications. Fully customizable to suit your needs.

Manage a complex network of interactions between individual micro-services with Service mesh and automatic Service Discovery.



CodeNOW uses native Kubernetes platform tools for horizontal scaling – scaling of individual pods.

Business Accelerators marketplace

Prefabricated elements for your business applications ready to use. Let your developers enjoy state-of-the-art technologies without sleepless nights trying to configure it. Create a highly available instance in literally one click. Without any additional fees.

An in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache or message broker
An object-relational database system that has earned a strong reputation for reliability, feature robustness, and performance.

An ACID compliant multi-region database that operates with single-region latency and ensures data is always available and an RPO of zero.

A distributed streaming platform enabling publish and subscribe to streams of records, store them in a fault-tolerant durable way and process them as they occur.