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This type of program is aimed at generating leads for the CodeNOW BDMs team.
By distributing the CodeNOW product, partners earn commissions on sold subscriptions.

Technological partner

This type of program is aimed at generating leads for the CodeNOW BDMs team.
CodeNOW is used for the partner’s internal purposes, and by distributing the sold subscriptions to their products/projects, the partner receives a commission.

Business partner

This type of program focuses on the ability to grow a new business with little or no support from CodeNOW.
You will be providing L1 and L2 support. The partner earns commissions from sold subscriptions and optimizing the cost for the development of its products/applications.

How it works

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Why to become a partner

1. Benefit

Accelerator for SW delivery, enabling partners to deliver faster, cheaper and better quality than any competitor, even in the complex microservice and cloud native way.

2. Benefit

Clients of our partners can have anytime insight into the delivery process, see time to market and quality and cost related KPIs during the process of continuous SW delivery.

3. Benefit

Enabling our partners to deliver the most complex projects:
• Decomposition of monoliths
• Hybrid cloud architecture
• Air-gaped and on premise cloud
• Fast MVP based on scalable artefacts
• Many more

4. Benefit

Steady income source for partners with “just”services: licences and SLAs as new revenue source. You will get detailed information after filling out the form.

Some of our current successful Partners