Software factory

Accelerate business delivery with a powerful ready-made technology platform that covers the whole application lifecycle.

<span class="f_500">Software factory</span>
<span class="f_400">Redefined!</span>

Create applications that deliver impact NOW!

Ready made services

Source Code Management

All vendors daily work stored and governed in a single space. Resolve conflicts, review code and track modifications.

Code Quality Management

Manage vulnerabilities and code smells automatically. Measure your vendors deliveries.


Enjoy tailored CI/CD pipelines for back-end and front-end development.

Configuration Management

Maintain systems integrity over time. Automate to avoid troubles coused by manual inputs.

Distributed Tracing

Pinpoint where failures occur. Explore what causes poor performance. Don't get lost in microservices.


Have system behaviour visible at the finest-grained level. Usual feature, but don't let your team reinvent the wheel.


Check your infrastructure, applications and their components in real-time to address system failures.


Manage your policies for horizontal performance scaling based on the real system workload.

Deliver your application in a few simple steps

You have everything you need to create, build, deploy, monitor and maintain the health of your apps in a cloud-native way.

Accelerate the value delivery

A mature software factory CodeNOW will let you focus on your core business not on being expert in building of SW factories

“My team spent ages with solving troubles that nobody has expected. New technologies were sexy in the beginning. They turned into devils soon. We lose the momentum to surprise the market with our new product.”


Focus on your business, not on reinventing the wheel.

“Nobody in our company can deliver a cheap, quick, simple app to the market. It always costs a fortune and lasts for months.”


Software Factory as a Service removes many obstacles.

“We have agile teams. We’re running agile ceremonies. But our delivery tempo stays the same as at the beginning of the transition.”


Microservices can help. But don’t lose yourself in dozens of new problems.

“We wanted to change our supplier. Contracts said that source-code belongs to us. That was true, but we were able to do literally nothing with it. Whole know-how was saved in heads and hands of those guys we want to rid off.”


You own the stack, you set the rules!

“We have an unforgettable experience with all (digital) transformations in the past. Each of them turned out terribly. We have rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic but haven’t moved the ship forward. New technologies killed us with its inherent complexity.”


Ready-made stack spares your time and money.

“We have a couple of ‘new’ stacks in the house from our past initiatives. Promises were very similar in the beginning. Results, unfortunately, also. Technologies become obsolete faster then we can incorporate.” 

CodeNOW stays updated by the nature of our business.

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