CodeNOW Roadmap
What’s cooking?

CodeNOW is made by YOU!

Contribute to CodeNOW Product Development with your feature requests and votes

We plan our work by taking ideas from the Researching to the Design and Development stage. Not everything makes it through.

We’d love to share where things are on our roadmap and invite you to contribute by requesting new features or upvoting existing feature requests.

How we plan our work

1. Research

About 20% will be built

We think we are on the way to creating something remarkable but your opinion matters. We are building a solution for everyone, so please share your feedback?

2. Design

About 60% will be built

We are moving on and already have our best people on board designing the solution. Unforeseen challenges might happen but we will not stop before we find another solution.

3. Development

This feature will be live soon!

We are coding hard and are loving it. That cool feature will be live soon so stay tuned. Become a contributor to make sure you never miss any of our updates!

Hint: Scroll down in every status to see more or click on ‘CodeNOW Roadmap & Features‘ to see all features and have the option to request your own feature.

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