Product Videos

The fast path to new business applications

Create and Code

1A: How to create an application in CodeNOW

This first video will walk you step-by-step through creating an application in CodeNOW that consists of a single back-end component. Then you will see how CodeNOW automatically creates the appropriate scaffolder Git repository from the development stack that is specified. From here, you can then start coding immediately.

1B: Start coding immediately thanks to scaffolder templates

Here we cover the basic structure of the scaffolders that CodeNOW creates to speed up the coding of individual components. When creating a component from a stack integrated with CodeNOW (e.g., Java/Maven/Spring Boot), a scaffolder is created for a simple starter component. You will see the corresponding Git repository containing:

  • The code for the starter component.
  • Configuration for running unit tests and bundling the component.
  • Configuration information for CodeNOW integration.

2: How to speed up the development of your application with managed services

This video explains what managed services are and how they help you build applications faster. We show how managed services speed up the development of your applications by letting you reuse ready-to-deploy components that are likely parts of any non-trivial application. With minimal configuration and a few clicks, you can have a database ready to be used in your application. CodeNOW will prepare all the boilerplate necessary to create your managed service, provide you with all the information you need to use the managed service in your code, and administer it through a dedicated, interactive panel.

3: Create and Code: continuous code quality and code security

Here you will see how CodeNOW helps you focus on the value-added parts of the code review phase. Your code is automatically analyzed against thousands of static rules designed to find security and maintainability issues, together with code smells and bugs. Developers can quickly review the questionable lines of code, filter them per severity, and get on with fixing them. The technical leadership can also track how well the codebase is improving over time or if the project is consistently experiencing quality issues.

Build and Deploy

4: How to create and manage an environment

This video explains how to create and manage environments. CodeNOW lets you define several environments to which you can deploy your application. You can create as many environments as you like in a matter of seconds. You may want a development, staging, and production environment as a typical software development process. CodeNOW environments reside in the cloud, and can be operated from anywhere, at any time, on any machine, with a simple browser and internet connection.

5: Package and deploy your application to the cloud

This video explains how to build, package, and deploy an application in a few clicks. CodeNOW will start the CI/CD pipeline that, by default, is preconfigured with every starter template. You can follow the pipeline’s progress and see if and where any build errors occur. The process is simple and guided through CodeNOW’s self service portal interface, meaning regular developers can own their application from the coding phase to the deployment phase and don’t need to wait for Ops or DevOps engineers to deliver their new features to the cloud. And that DevOps engineers can focus on high-value delivery management tasks. With a fully automated delivery process, you can focus on improving your software lifecycle and deliver new features every day to production.