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Why CodeNOW

CodeNOW’s self-service portal enables developers to create, deploy, test, and operate cloud native applications. The platform’s primary requirement is to empower developers to execute and deploy code in an effective, efficient, and secure manner. All the complexities of provisioning environments, infrastructure, application runtimes, and other dependencies are managed by CodeNOW. The complete CodeNOW platform offering is available through online subscriptions and long-term managed accounts.

Start Coding NOW. We have 2 online subscription plans to fast track you to coding.

Proof of Concept PLAN

Get your concept off the ground and into the hands of investors and customers as a working prototype or minimum viable product. Then, quickly develop and realize your application to test and prove its qualities and value to your business. By-pass provisioning and managing resources to deploy and evaluate your application in agile time at an affordable cost.

Starting from €9

Move from concept to finished product
with our Commercial Production plan.

Commercial Production PLAN

Operate mission-critical applications with high availability and low latency that will scale with your business growth and customer demands. Quicken your speed to market with agility freeing your developer teams to work on business logic and innovation. In addition, CodeNOW will automate infrastructure issues, meeting your organizational control, compliance, and collaboration needs.

Starting from €219

Do not hesitate to talk to your account
overseer for assistance and guidance.

Please proceed to choose and customize your plan.

Feel Free to Talk to us

We would be happy to answer any cloud questions you have and to learn about your cloud plans together with your business objectives. If you have a project or goals you need to reach then please let us know so we can give you our advice and experience on your situation.

To show you why we may be what you are looking for, let us walk you through the CodeNOW platform to demonstrate where and how we can provide you with a delivery solution to your cloud strategy. We believe that in under 5 minutes you will be happy with what you see.

Evaluate your requirements with a cloud architect.

Please come and talk to us:

  • Understand why CodeNOW services can benefit your business.
  • Discover cloud cost-optimization models for your business.
  • Demonstrate how CodeNOW can work across your public and private clusters.
  • Build a clear picture of your cloud forecast demands and costs.
  • Package a proposal specific to your future cloud requirements.
  • Get a CodeNOW pricing quote for your cloud solution.

The Fully Feature CodeNOW Platform

for Online Subscriptions and Managed Accounts

Simple environment setup

A new environment can be made ready in a minute. Simply create as many environments as your project needs and switch between them from the CodeNOW self-service portal.

Development Scaffolders

Fast track your coding with pre-prepared development scaffolders. Utilize pre-prepared and tested configurations and integrations, for your applications.

Managed Services

Composable services for your business applications are all prepared and tested for use. Utilize CodeNOW-maintained best-of-breed technologies without the effort of configuration and hence reduce your business delivery times.

Source Code Management

With centrally configured git-based Source Code Management, all your development work is stored and governed in a single space. An SCM where you retain ownership with no vendor lock-in. Resolve conflicts, review code, and track modifications from one place.

Code Quality Management

Automated reviews are continuously run to inspect your code quality. Your developer’s bugs and code vulnerabilities are detected to manage technical debt based on predefined profiles of static code analysis.

Ready to use CI / CD

CI pipelines are fully integrated into the SCM. After running tests, the CD pipeline deploys all managed services (microservices) to the right version and given environments. All prepared and tested for your use.

Configuration Management

Maintain systems integrity over time. The management and automated provisioning of your environments is handled by CodeNOW. Create your staging, production, and more environments with one click and avoid issues caused by manual inputs.

Automated tests

CodeNOW uses the Karate framework that combines API test automation, mock-ups, performance-testing, and even UI automation into a single, unified framework. Simply click and run.


Manage your policies for horizontal performance scaling based on your workloads. You can choose between the 3 biggest cloud providers – AWS, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, or our own cloud hosting. 

Please Feel Free to Discuss your Needs with us.
Our Specialists will propose a Solution, Packaged to Your Requirements.

Evaluate your requirements with a cloud architect.