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Quick start

Boost team velocity with pre-prepared development scaffolders (business starters). Must have configurations and integrations of your new feature ready to use.

Ready-made CI / CD

CI pipelines are fully integrated into source code management. After running tests, CD pipeline deploys all components (microservices) in the right version to the right environments. No setup, just use it. Enjoy state-of-the-art setup CI/CD environment.


CodeNOW is language agnostic by nature – it enables you to create cloud-native applications in various programming languages. The current CodeNOW version supports fully automated pipelines for Java, .Net, JS / TS and we work on adding more.

Business accelerators

Prepared components which you handle only with configuration. Save time with deployment or runtime. Fully monitored and ready to use. Choose PostgreSQL, Redis, CocroachDB and Apache Kafka on CodeNOW.

Simple environment setup

The new environment is ready in a minute. Simply create as many environments as your project needs and switch between them with one click.

Fast onboarding

A new team member of your team gets tooling ready, scaffolders(business starters), and cares only for business deliver. That  incrementally improves a new members onboarding.

Seamless scalability

Once your app gains traction with users, you can easily scale app resources with a single setup in the CodeNOW dashboard.  The platform’s autoscaling feature allows your apps to instantly scale up or down as needed.

Documentation and support

CodeNOW offers technical documentation, getting started guides, learning resources, changelogs, and more. In addition, CodeNOW offers a video tutorials a customized assistance.

Great tests support

CodeNOW uses Karate framework that combines API test-automation, mocks, performance-testing and even UI automation into a single, unified framework. Test execution and report generation feels like any standard Java project. Simply click and run.

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How we make it.

CodeNOW covers whole application lifecycle

CodeNOW covers whole application lifecycle

CodeNOW software factory covers the entire software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) with its tools and operational (OPS) lifecycle in microservice architecture. It is fully managed meaning that we take care of whole infrastructure, so you can stay focused on your application development. That gives you a set of powerful capabilities that deliver higher-order value. 

About SDLC
Marketplace of business accelerators

Marketplace of business accelerators

It is not an easy task to configure and operate quite basic pieces of technologies in a cloud-native way. Data storages, caches, streaming tools and many others. Business accelerators are prefabricated fully monitored managed components ready to use. So enjoy state-of-the-art technologies without sleepless nights trying to configure it.

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