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April 13, 2023

CodeNOW Helps Personal AI Streamline AI Development with Cloud Agnostic Software Delivery Platform

Groundbreaking consumer-facing artificial intelligence brought to market faster and cheaper with CodeNOW

SAN FRANCISCO – April 11, 2023 – CodeNOW, a leader in the Value Stream Delivery Platform (VSDP) space that reduces the amount of DevOps efforts needed to deliver cloud native applications while improving the performance and experience of developers, today announced it played an instrumental role in helping Personal AI overcome its challenges in managing AI development cycles and ensuring the quality and reliability of its software releases. Launched today–and by using CodeNOW–Personal AI released their flagship offering much sooner than expected. Personal AI is an innovative AI-powered chat application using GGT-P (Generative Grounded Transformer), a personal learning language. Leveraging this technology, Personal AI aims to disrupt the messaging industry, augmenting conversations and relationships central to users' lives worldwide.

"At CodeNOW, we are dedicated to helping organizations like Personal AI streamline their application delivery and achieve their goals with confidence,” said CodeNOW Founder and CEO Petr Svoboda. “Our Cloud Agnostic Software Delivery Platform provides full automation and deep insights into infrastructure and applications, enabling predictable releases, increased productivity, decreased costs, improved quality of service, and enhanced security. We are proud to have helped Personal AI migrate to CodeNOW and achieve success with their AI development projects."

With the growing number of features, developers, and customers, the software development lifecycle became longer and more prone to errors, resulting in reduced release frequency and increased demands on DevOps efforts. Personal AI trusted CodeNOW to solve these issues and gain the ability to deploy to multiple cloud providers, allowing them to effectively use GPU resources according to the best pricing conditions, improving the availability of their services to end customers. Developers gained a deep understanding of the runtime behavior on the application and integration level thanks to embedded observability. The individual components became highly available with less resource consumption thanks to automated Kubernetes management.

The CodeNOW team evaluated the best migration path with minimal interference to running delivery cycles, successfully launched the development and staging environment, and assisted with the execution of a series of performance and load tests to ensure a high quality of services. Automation of build and deployment, as well as complex networking with zero trust, was auto-generated by CodeNOW, making deployment to multiple cloud providers and/or production environments a breeze.

Personal AI Founder and CEO Suman Kanuganti said, "CodeNOW's Cloud Agnostic Software Delivery Platform has been an invaluable asset for our AI development projects. We have complete insight into our infrastructure and applications, which has improved our delivery performance and allowed us to easily deploy into different cloud providers. This has resulted in significant cost and time savings, as well as an improved customer experience. Integration with the team was also seamless, as the team members are committed and talented. They are not only an extension of our team, but they have now become an integral part of our team. Leveraging CodeNow’s technology, Personal AI aims to disrupt the messaging industry, augmenting conversations and relationships central to users' lives worldwide.”

After successful migration to CodeNOW, Personal AI gained full Software Delivery Lifecycle automation in the multi-cloud environment with Kubernetes runtime while keeping manual DevOps efforts at nearly zero. This has enabled them to release daily with confidence and meet tight deadlines with each new feature introduction.

CodeNOW has brought order to the daily routines of versioning and releasing, and the success with Personal AI demonstrates the value of CodeNOW’s VSDP in streamlining application delivery. CodeNOW is poised to lead this trend and help countless companies improve their software development lifecycle.


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