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CodeNOW's a Step Towards Global Reach: Listing on Azure Marketplace

July 20, 2023

As technology continues to evolve and globalize, we at CodeNOW are committed to keeping pace and widening our reach. CodeNOW is now listed on Azure Marketplace, Microsoft's online store for buying and selling certified solutions that run on Azure.

Azure Marketplace is an online platform that enables software providers to offer their cloud solutions to a wide range of businesses worldwide. By being listed on Azure Marketplace, CodeNOW is not only aligning with one of the world's largest public cloud service providers but is also leveraging a well-established platform to connect with hundreds of potential enterprise customers.

Why is this important?

Access to Global Audience

Being on Azure Marketplace, CodeNOW is now within the reach of millions of enterprises around the globe. This means that we can serve more businesses and help them in their digital transformation journey, especially those in need of a fast, reliable, and scalable software development platform.

Easy Onboarding

Azure Marketplace users can find CodeNOW and get started with just a few clicks. Our software can be purchased directly through the marketplace, leveraging Azure's account and billing systems. This seamless integration makes the onboarding process significantly simpler and faster.

Trust and Security

As an Azure Marketplace listed product, CodeNOW aligns with Microsoft’s stringent quality standards and security measures. This not only ensures that our customers are getting elite, secure services but also increases trust among potential clients who are already familiar with the Azure ecosystem.

We understand the challenges IT leaders face in today's fast-paced technological landscape. The pressures of delivering high-quality software quickly and consistently can be daunting. CodeNOW’s availability on Azure Marketplace is our initiative to make their tech journey smoother. It’s a step closer to you, a step towards global reach.

Check us out on the Azure Marketplace!

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