We have engineered CodeNOW for companies and developers to avoid casual pitfalls in cloud-native development and operations.
It stands on a solid foundation of well established open-source technologies.

You can invest hundreds of workdays to build your technology stack, or you can use CodeNOW off the shelf. Focus your team and yourself on core business improvements.

Create applications that deliver impact! NOW!

One for all, all for CodeNOW

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Be part of the fast-developing cloud-native world. Join the project that is going to change the market. Look in detail to know more.

Still on your journey to discover what fits you best? Join our trainee program. You will get real experience with microservices, cloud-native, DevOps, GitOps and a lot more.

Let's create a diploma thesis that stands on your practical experience — efficient learning by doing. You will work with state-of-the-art technologies helping us with topics and issues we need to elaborate.


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