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Release Notes CodeNOW 7.0 – June 2023

Release notes
June 29, 2023

Support for full on-prem installations

CodeNOW offers full support for on-premise installation, empowering organizations to deploy the software directly within their local infrastructure. With on-premise installation, users gain control, security, and flexibility, tailored to their specific needs.

Custom container registry

We are excited to introduce a new feature in CodeNOW that allows users to utilize their custom container registry. This feature empowers organizations to have greater control over their containerized artifacts and streamline their software delivery processes.

Deployment configuration enhancements

This enhancement in CodeNOW, focusing on the improvement of deployment configurations, allows users to use links between deployments and configurations, facilitating streamlined management and enabling more efficient configuration view that is grouping by environment.

Build triggers enhancement

Build triggers significantly empower users to streamline their continuous integration (CI) pipelines. This feature enhancement introduces the option to automatically create a new application package and deploy it to the target environment after a successful build, enabling faster and more efficient software delivery.

Global CI setting on application component

This powerful new feature allows users to set up a global CI configuration for application components. This enhancement provides the flexibility to define CI settings in a centralized manner, with the configuration file (.codenow.yaml) stored in the default Git branch of the application component.

Another aspect of the feature is enhancement of the configuration and management of continuous integration (CI) triggers. This update transfers all CI triggers to global usage and introduces a .codenow-triggers.yaml file stored in the default Git branch, enabling more centralized and efficient CI trigger setup.

We want to improve the clarity and manageability of continuous integration (CI) settings. This update includes the separation of CI settings and CI triggers into two distinct sections, providing users with enhanced clarity and ease of configuration.

Version selector in the release build phase

New enhancement to the version picker in the release build phase of CodeNOW provides users with an amplified version selection experience, as CodeNOW now calculates all possible major, minor, and patch versions, allowing users to choose the specific version they want to build.

Related environments

We enriched the deployment process by providing users with the ability to set up related environments for applications. This update also introduces an approval modal window for deploying to the production environment, ensuring a controlled release process.

LTS versions of SDK in scaffolders

This update improved the stability and compatibility of the software development process. In this release, we have updated the SDK (Software Development Kit) version used in all scaffolders to the latest LTS (Long-Term Support) version, providing users with enhanced reliability and long-term maintenance.

The managed component Keycloak backups

This update focuses on improving the reliability and data protection capabilities of Keycloak by introducing the ability to create backups.

A full GitOps approach in deployments

This revolutionary update introduces a full GitOps approach for deployments, enabling seamless transitions between cloud providers and enhancing flexibility and portability. Additionally, a new repair button is now available on deployments, allowing users to perform a re-synchronization of the deployment with the cluster. Furthermore, users will now be able to view the reasons for deployment failures directly on the user interface.

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