The Platform

Accelerate business delivery with powerful ready-made platform

Explore first real value-stream delivery platform. Prefabricated elements for your business applications setup to start your development NOW. Without thinking about infrastructure.
Don’t spend time creating lego bricks. Use a ready-made lego kit.

The Platform

Accelerate business delivery with powerful ready-made platform

Wrong – Explore how our Software Factory supports each stage of your DevOps process.

Deploy anywhere

We believe that you should be able to choose your runtime environment based on your needs and preferences.
For that we offer pluggable cloud IaaS provider and flexibility in using multiple clusters under a single account for your applications. You can choose from our Stratox cloud and 2 worlds biggest – Azure and AWS. Usage of the providers’ managed services is matter of course.

Batteries included

Our platform contains prefabricated business accelerators for your applications ready to use. Let your developers enjoy state-of-the-art technologies without sleepless nights trying to configure them. Create a highly available instance in literally one click. Without any additional fees.

Self service portal

Our Self-service portal provides integrated environment with all functionality needed for your application lifecycle. Provision storage and launches applications. With a self-service portal, users access a web-based portal, where they can request or configure servers and launch applications. Users provisioning

Benefits CodeNOW brings you

Accelerate time to market

If you can’t get it to market fast enough, the market will change and you will be late.
CodeNOW automates integration of dozens of different tools that cover the entire software delivery lifecycle of your business applications.
With prefabricated elements will your developers enjoy state-of-the-art technologies without being experts on cloud infrastructure or architecture.

Let your applications grow with your business

Microservices architecture benefits with real-time updates, stability, and scalability.
CodeNOW is provided as a service and allows you to scale up or down based on your actual needs. Risk-free and no hidden fees – keep your costs under control.

Invest in what matters

It is time to delegate the complexity of cloud-native development and tooling. 
CodeNOW provides your team with all the tools needed without any complex setup or commitments.
No need for further investment into your infrastructure nor additional costs for operations.
Solid foundation of well established open-source technologies without proprietary technologies effectively prevents creating a vendor lock. Own your assets.
Empower developers to work on your projects securely and from any place around the world.

CodeNOW covers the whole application lifecycle



Let your developers focus on business logic and all other stuff leave to CodeNOW platform. Generated microservices chassis and prefabricated development scaffolders of very known open-source technologies enables that. CodeNOW is polyglot, so choice of language is yours.




CodeNOW gives you a powerful continuous inspection of code quality. Run automatic reviews, detect bugs and code vulnerabilities to manage the technical debt. Static code analysis is based on predefined profiles. They are prepared for individual technologies with the customization options to fit your needs.




Deploy your applications to your environments with one-click. All necessary configuration are managed as a Code.




CI pipelines are fully integrated. Running tests, compile dependencies and more is automated. 
CD pipeline deploys all components in their respective versions among individual environments.
 Automation by configuration positively increases the frequency of deliveries.




Maintain systems integrity over time. Avoid risks caused by manual inputs. Configurations are utilized for automatic application migration among environments.




Exploit advantages of cloud-native approach to building and running your applications like automated scalability, rapid recovery or continuous delivery. With CodeNOW you can choose between 3 biggest cloud providers - AWS, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure or our own cloud hosting.




CodeNOW automates all microservices concerns needed for great application observability – logging, tracing, alerting, and monitoring. Complex network of interactions between individual micro-services is managed by Service mesh and automatic Service Discovery.


See how CodeNOW platform works

Spend more time creating positive buzz for your business with the only platform built to manage all your marketing and creative work. See how CodeNOW platform works.