Release Notes CodeNOW 6.1 – June 2021

Jun 3, 2021

CodeNOW Release 6.1 – June 2021

Self Service Portal UX Improvements

The CodeNOW Self Service Portal (SSP) is at the heart of CodeNOW, giving developers intuitive access to all the available functionality and features that ease their cloud-native development with CodeNOW.

As our mission is to ‘Remove Complexity‘, we actively work with our users to continuously improve the user experience of our products.

This release has been completely focused on just that.

Access to the Application and Environments detail pages

From the main overview access the details of your Applications and Environments directly.




Access to the Application Package details page

We now provide direct access to your Application Package details from the overview.

New available actions on all deployments

For all deployments we now provide:

  • Direct access to the live monitoring dashboard of the selected application deployment environment.
  • Direct access to the logging dashboard that is automatically filtering only the logs of all application components running on the selected environment.

New available action on all managed services

For all managed services we now provide:

  • Direct access to the monitoring dashboard for the environment where the selected managed service is deployed.