Release Notes CodeNOW 6.0 – May 2021

May 15, 2021

CodeNOW Release 6.0 – May 2021

Multi-cluster Support. Our team has been busy! Below a quick overview of the main newly released features of CodeNOW. If you expected something else, then please have a look at the CodeNOW Roadmap to see what’s happening in the kitchen. If you have any questions then just get in touch.

Let’s get started!

Multi-cluster set up under a single account

CodeNOW offers improved flexibility using multiple clusters under a single account.

You can assign dedicated hardware resources to separated environments and assign your applications and managed components to a chosen cluster.

All infrastructure components (logging, tracing, monitoring, etc.) are managed centrally using the CodeNOW self-service portal by simply choosing which cluster to manage. This will give you an overview of all infrastructure components running on the selected cluster.

Adding a new cluster to your account is managed for you by CodeNOW support via a simple support request. We will advise you in choosing and setting up the cluster as part of your infrastructure.

A quick sneak preview of what’s coming

Our team has started work on a number of new features.

  • Private external artefact repositories in CI/CD (in Design phase)
  • External Git repositories (in Design phase)
  • HTTP access log (in Design phase)

For details and progress and to leave your feedback have a look at the CodeNOW Roadmap.