Release Notes CodeNOW 5.6 – April 2021

May 6, 2021

CodeNOW Release 5.6 – April 2021

Azure AKS Support and improved monitoring. Our team has been busy! Below a quick overview of the main newly released features of CodeNOW. If you expected something else, then please have a look at the CodeNOW Roadmap to see what’s happening in the kitchen. If you have any questions then just get in touch.

Let’s get started!

Run your customer cluster on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

To support our growing customer base and to live up to our promise of being multi-cloud and tech stack agnostic we have launched our support for Azure AKS. Together with CodeNOW Azure AKS offers serverless Kubernetes, an integrated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) experience, and enterprise-grade security and governance.

Application Components Advanced mode

You are now able to override the default Dockerfile and Helm deployment descriptor with your own. This is now supported for all application components. Like everything in CodeNOW this feature is easily accessible through the CodeNOW Self Service Portal.

Kafka and Postgresql monitoring dashboards

Easy configurable and managed components are at the heart of CodeNOW. We were already offering the most detail if it comes to monitoring and logging but as we truly believe that the management of complex architectures can be made easy, CodeNOW now offers enhanced monitoring dashboards for 2 of our favorite managed services Kafka and Postgresql:

KAFKA infra insight – Information about consumed HW resources per instance

Keep an eye on the HW resources consumed and know when there’s the need to scale.

KAFKA application insight – Information about topics, consumers, lags on topics, and other metrics

Ease your application debugging activities with detailed insight into KAFKA 

Postgresql infra insight – Information about consumed HW resources per instance

Postgresql application insight – Detailed DB information

Keep an eye on DB changes, internal cache usage and a number of other useful metrics that will assist you in your application debugging.


A quick sneak preview of what’s coming

Our team has started work on a number of new features.

  • Support for more customer clusters in a single account. We are in the final testing stage and this feature will be available very soon!
  • Private external artifact repositories in CI/CD (in Design phase)
  • External Git repositories (in Design phase)
  • HTTP access log (in Design phase)

For details and progress and to leave your feedback have a look at the CodeNOW Roadmap.