Preproduction phase


Preproduction phase


Brings stability and high-availability

CodeNOW has a built-in support for provisioning production-ready Kubernetes infrastructure with all its cloud native scalability benefits. Deploying resources on Kubernetes is a matter of few clicks.

Multicloud support

CodeNOW supports multi-cloud strategy.
With CodeNOW you don’t need extra IT staff with expensive level of expertise. The choice between AWS, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, and our own cloud hosting is up to you and all is ready to use.
Usage of the providers’ managed services is matter of course.

As a service


Maximize potential with our full suite of powerful features

Lorem You don’t need to buy or build the whole train if you want to visit a new exciting place. You usually buy a ticket and go. At CodeNOW we believe in the same philosophy. Don’t build your own trains unless transportation is your core business.


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CodeNOW gives you a powerful continuous inspection of code quality. Run automatic reviews, detect bugs and code vulnerabilities to manage the technical debt. Static code analysis is based on predefined profiles. They are prepared for individual technologies with the customization options to fit your needs.



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CI pipelines are fully integrated. Running tests, compile dependencies and more is automated. CD pipeline deploys all components in their respective versions among individual environments. Automation by configuration positively increases quality and the frequency of your deliveries.


See how CodeNOW platform works

Spend more time creating positive buzz for your business with the only platform built to manage all your marketing and creative work. See how CodeNOW platform works.

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