Hey WOX – ”I’m a startupper in both heart and soul”

Jaroslav “Jara” Škrabálek,
(CEO & Founder) – Hey WOX

Hey WOX introduce the very first household as a service and are excited to let WOX make your daily lives a little bit easier (and definitely less annoying because who loves record keeping or flipping the pages of manuals to find out what’s wrong, right?). It digitizes & organizes all those receipts, contracts and who-know-what-this-is-for documents in your drawers and solves out household issues for you with just a couple of text or voice messages.

They decided to use our Product/Solution CodeNOW and we are looking forward to a successful and growing partnership. We had the Chance to meet with Jaroslav “Jara” Škrabálek of Hey WOX for an interesting Interview:

CodeNOW: Mr. Škrabálek. Thank you for your time and we want to welcome you again to CodeNOW. Before we talk directly about Hey WOX, I’d like to know a bit more about you as a person and what is your technical background?

Jara: I am a techno-optimistic dreamer, a visionary bringing ideas and next big things, all driven by the will to make the world a better place. I co-founded the very first Czech academic Lab focusing on modern mobile platforms, and several innovative businesses with remarkable stories – including Takeplace – an event management service; Sindiko, management of field workers, both outdoor and indoor; and a holistic FinTech platform, which later became known as Richee – the first multi-bank application in Czech Republic.

CodeNOW: You mentioned once that your mother had an inspirational impact on your idea of Hey WOX. Would you tell me more about it and how the idea was born?

Jara: My mother is neat, careful, with an overview of everything. Especially about household matters. She has perfectly placed all receipts, bills, clippings, she knows when what to pay and if it was also paid! Carefully arranged warranty cards, invoices, and instructions for home appliances. Just tell her and my mum knows exactly where to reach, what shelf, drawer, file, or other hiding place, to find or verify the right information.
Such is my mother. Too bad I’m not like her.
In my household, I have one large drawer set aside for these documents, affairs, and other necessities, where an ever-increasing number of envelopes, notes, papers, and clippings are gradually folded. And then, when something happens at my home, it is many times easier to google instructions for a given device, to find a right e-mail in inbox with an order from the e-shop discovering an end of warranty or call the insurance company if they do not register unpaid balance, than to go through all those “treasures”.

CodeNOW: Sounds very interesting! You were motivated and after you developed the idea you decided to start your own startup company during the hard times of Covid. What made you do this and do you have partners with whom you decided to take this step together?

Jara: I’m a startupper in both heart and soul. So starting a company and formalizing our idea on the market was a natural step. All the team members see huge potential on the market but to help people, household residents, to devote themselves to the most important thing in the world. To oneself and to one’s closest, not to the tedious household affairs.

We are glad that during the development of WOX we have found many partners who see things the same way. Among them is, for example,, which has a huge mission to create a unified repair site across Europe and maximally increase the rate of repairability of broken products. Another great partner supporting WOX on its journey is CodeNOW.

CodeNOW: CodeNOW is a solution for everyone. What were your reasons for using CodeNOW as a product/solution and what are your expectations from CodeNOW?

Jara: The right use of time and energy in the creation of such a complex product as WOX, in the team of a small startup, is the key issue. Any simplification of the work during the day is a great benefit, because the time saved can be devoted to the product itself, not to the necessary work of setting up the operating environment. In this matter, CodeNOW helps us tremendously and relieves us of a great deal of worry. Our biggest expectation is to automate our DevOps operations as much as possible.

CodeNOW: What is the real value of WOX and how can we use it in our daily life?

Jara: WOX ‘joins the dots’ of existing, proven technologies to provide a novel holistic service, the need for which is borne out of our own lived experience. WOX brings together all of homeowners’ records, items, bills, and more, so they can conveniently manage their households from one dashboard, effortlessly in one place. Our aim is to solve problems seamlessly — from need (question to assistant) to solution (third party provider).

CodeNOW: Is it possible for smaller residents to take advantage of your product?

Jara: Certainly, you can use WOX to manage any household, from a small 20 square meter studio to a complex of rental houses, for which we are currently preparing support.

CodeNOW: In short, what is your company’s vision and mission?

Jara: To make home residents feel safe whenever they come home, to keep households running as long and sustainably as possible.

CodeNOW: If we were to sit down for a coffee a year from now and talk about what Hey WOX has achieved in that time, what do you think you could tell me?

Jara: In a year, WOX will be an established product from its closed pilot Beta phase, fulfilling its mission of helping at least one thousand of households live a more carefree life without solving the problems that logically appear and will appear around the home. Thanks to the great partners around WOX we will offer them services that will help them in any situation to manage any problem related to their home.

CodeNOW: Mr. Škrabálek thank you very much for the interview and many successes for your company and also the partnership with CodeNOW.

Jara: Thank you, Armin, for the great time spent discussing with you. I wish CodeNOW every success in establishing itself on the market and we look forward to being together on this journey.

Interview between Jaroslav “Jara” Škrabálek and Armin Khani from CodeNOW