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Create a New Component

Time 10 minutes

What you’ll learn

How to create a new application component which encapsulates specific application logic.



  1. See the application detail and create a new application component.
    • Components (microservices) encapsulate specific application logic (ie user details, billing, shipping, etc.).
    • An application in the microservice architecture is described by application components and their orchestration.
    • They have separate release cycles and separated Git repositories.
    • Before creating a new component you have to choose a framework for coding. CodeNOW actually supports these frameworks:
    • Wait for component creation and you will receive a Git repository link, where the component source code will be stored. 
    • Creating a managed component is another use case:
  2. Clone the Git repository using your favourite Git management tool. Use your personal SSH key and start the local development.

What’s next?

Now you have access to the component source code stored in Git and you can start development. Happy coding!


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