CodeNOW Roadmap

What’s cooking?

CodeNOW is made by YOU!

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Below you can see how we like planning our work while giving you an idea about where things are on our roadmap. Just be aware that anything might change as life = change.

Hint: you can scroll down in every status or click on ‚CodeNOW Roadmap and Features‘ to see all features and have the option to request your own.

Researching: 20% will be built

We think we are on to something but we need to do some further investigation. Let us know if you think we should hurry up?

Designing: 60% will be built

Moving on… we have our best people on the case to design the solution. Unforeseen things might happen though…

Developing: Live soon!

We are coding hard and are loving it. That cool feature will be live soon so stay tuned. Become a contributor to make sure you never miss any of our updates!

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