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Don’t let technology issues disturb your business.
Accelerate the business delivery with a ready made SW Factory – NOW!

Get off the ground faster

Product-oriented, agile, utilizing microservices, being cloud-native… So many sexy trends in the world of digital products. Exciting promises, high expectations. There are always little devils hidden below the surface.

Don’t lose the momentum to hit the market with your new idea or product. Focus on your business value, not on technological horse taming.

With CodeNOW, you will gain a mature and stable technology stack supporting all phases of the application development and operations. State of the art tooling support just out of the box. Don’t allow yourself to be disturbed by technology issues. CodeNOW is ready to be used by your team from the very first minute you sign-up for the service.

Take back control​

The current global market of sophisticated products and services forces companies to cooperate in tight supply chains. Outsourcing partnerships are widespread.

In the end, it is you who are responsible for the quality of the entire service or product towards your customers. To succeed in this quest, you need proper tooling for managing your partners. Stop believing that your IT suppliers are magicians or wizards.

With CodeNOW you will gain the ability to manage them. You will be the real owner of your IT artefacts. You will clearly see what your partners were doing with your IT assets and what they are asking you to pay for.

Think Big, Start Small

Will your new product succeed on the market? Will it scale to enormous transaction numbers in the first year? In the first month? In the first week? Will your technical team consist of units, tens or maybe hundreds of engineers at the end of the next year. We bet that nobody knows.

With CodeNOW, you are purchasing a mature technology stack that will be big enough under all circumstances. Small size fits small teams, and temperate apps; large size is enough for widely spread teams and successful business apps with enormous traffic.

Pay as your business goes. In CodeNOW, you will find sophisticated technologies configured to a ready-made shape despite your team size.

Cloud-native know how incorporated into a Service

You don’t need to buy or build the whole train if you want to visit a new exciting place. You usually buy a ticket and go. At CodeNOW we believe in the same philosophy. Don’t build your own trains unless transportation is your core business.

Develop and operate own stack based on open-source projects

Internal Platform
Engineering team¹

12 000 EUR

Internal Platform
Operations team²

5 000 EUR

IaaS Costs³

1 000 EUR
18 000 EUR / month

Other aspects

  • Core IT know-how has to be in-house. This competency development will be your job.
  • All financial and operations risks stays also at you
Develop and operate own stack using your Cloud provider's tooling

Internal Platform
Engineering team¹

12 000 EUR

Internal Platform
Operations team²

2 500 EUR

IaaS and PaaS Costs³

2 000 EUR
16 000 EUR / month

Other aspects

  • Intensify vendor lock to a single Cloud provider
  • Higher bill to your Cloud provider (as you will use its managed services)
Use CodeNOW
♥ Everything included into price of the Service.
Ready to be used. NOW!
8 000 EUR / month *

Other aspects

  • PayPay as you go
  • Open-source based
  • No dependencies of your apps on CodeNOW (= no vendor lock)

1 Team of two DevOps/Cloud engineers. Each with an average salary 6000 EUR / month

2 Operations engineers with an average salary 2500 EUR /month. Two guys needed for option “own stack”. One guy for option “use your cloud provider’s tooling”

3 Rough estimation of IaaS and PaaS costs. 

* Estimation for a complex microservice ecosystem deployed to least 3 environments (DEV, STAGE, PROD). This cannot be considered as offer or public offer for CodeNOW Services. Price for your subscription will be set based on your Order.

Love at first sight

As a service

Get your mature stack now. Sign-up and start. Without a massive opening investment. CodeNOW is a service. We keep it up to date for you.

Manage the vendors

Become a full owner of your code and all necessary IT artefacts. Don’t allow your core business know-how to be transferred to your vendors and partners. Don’t allow them to command you.


Cloud-native is scalable by design. CodeNOW is designed in the very same way. Prevent painful re-architecting. Enjoy robust and resilient tooling support since the first moment.

Modern company

Do you like product-centric company organization? Trying to be agile? Implementing [email protected], SaFe, LeSS, Disciplined agile or any other similar framework? You cannot succeed without mature technical tooling like you will get with CodeNOW.

Start innovate

Let’s focus your teams to the delivery of value-added and money-making solutions. All infrastructure development steps are automated (creating infrastructure, building applications, testing, and deployment).

Manage the financial risks

Enjoy our transparent subscription model. No investment needed in the beginning. Think big but start small! You will control the monthly fee. Scale according to your needs.

Let's spill the beans. Components of the CodeNOW software factory.

Mature tooling for DevOps processes

Cloud-native architecture has several impacts to well known DevOps disciplines. Complex concepts are solved inside our Software factory. Developers (whether with low or high experience) can deliver a cloud-native value quickly, without being experts on cloud infrastructure or architecture.

Business accelerators

It is not an easy task to configure and operate quite basic pieces of technologies in a cloud-native way. Data storages, caches, streaming tools and many others tools are ready to be used in
CodeNOW literally by one click. 

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