3 Cloud-Native Transformation Myths debunked

May 15, 2021

Avoiding three of the typical pitfalls on your cloud-native journey.

A simple search for ‘Digital Transformation’ leads to 450.000.000 (in English alone…) search results offering anything from E-books to consulting services or silver bullet technological platforms. A search for ‘cloud-native transformation’ delivers similar results.
Depending on who you talk to you will get a different answer for how to start your cloud-native transformation journey.

We at CodeNOW think you deserve some help debunking some of the myths that are out there.

1: Strategy and Consulting help first

Don’t rely on expensive consultants that only serve as a temporary substitution for the missing capabilities and promise to deliver your transition plan using their ‘consulting magic’.

Start from within and invest in your own people by empowering them to actively contribute. They will be supporting YOU in defining the transformation and will become your own internal champions. Go and find who or what department will be that champion in driving your transformation.

Oh, consultants are not always evil. Just choose wisely.


2: Infrastructure Transformation first

You need to realize that the infrastructure will be merely shaped by the chosen architecture of your applications & services. Infrastructure follows architecture. Not the other way around!
Start taking control over your cloud-native architecture. Make informed decisions by educating your people first and have them develop the reference-architecture. Let your choices for cloud providers and OPEX commitments be based on that!


3: Refactoring Legacy Systems first

We know the reality is that even though it’s 2021 you are dealing with a complex landscape of existing applications, using different technologies and deployment models. The tendency is to start with these legacy systems and achieve the benefits from cloud-native development there and soon. Don’t!
Experience the benefits of the cloud and its operational models for your new app developments or MVPs first without the immediate need for expensive refactoring or re-platforming.


Execute NOW, but start small

Executing on strategy is by nature a long-term obligation. An obligation to be fulfilled by your own people. We understand you have an urge to start ASAP. Your CFO will however remind you that every new project in your organization needs to deliver true business value as fast as possible.

So, how and where can you start?

Rent CodeNOW, a Software Factory to learn

Rent our ready-made software factory as a no-risk, future-proof, and cloud-native ‘Transformation Lab’. Or why not call it an ‘Innovation Lab’ or ‘Teaching Lab’, whatever triggers the interest of your stakeholders.

CodeNOW is a true software factory that enables your transition to the cloud and is

  • Supporting your full SDLC and DevOps processes
  • Vendor-independent
  • 100% Open Source based
  • Risk-free
  • Suitable for startups and enterprises
  • Offered as a service

We help our customers with transforming their business from within based upon an Open Source, future-proof and scalable technology platform called CodeNOW.

We are ready to implement complex digital experiences by bringing together our internal and external (e.g. Deloitte) consulting partners advisory with the implementation and operational services delivered by CodeNOW.