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Chavdar Trendafilov, (CEO) - 1Crew

1Crew  knows how to optimize your business operations for efficiency and performance. They have the resources and technical expertise you need to streamline the path to success! Their services focus on rendering state of the art solutions to help you optimize costs. So, whether it’s just consulting or a complex Robotic Process Automation, they have got you covered!

They decided to use our Product/Solution CodeNOW and we are looking forward to a successful and growing partnership.  We had the Chance to meet with Chavdar Trendafilov (CEO) of 1Crew for an interesting Interview:

CodeNOW: Mr. Trendafilov. Thank you for your time and we want to welcome you again to CodeNOW. Before we talk directly about 1Crew, I’d like to know a bit more about you as a person. What is your technical background?

Chavdar: Hello Armin, First of all, thank you for having this interview with me. I have more than 20 years of experience in IT and I spent the first 5 years in HW RnD engineering and the rest in SW development. My core expertise is in performance troubleshooting and benchmarking of complex enterprise solutions. I was leading the global SWAT team serving board-level escalations in the Software AG company. This journey allowed facing and resolving challenges for big companies like DHL, Bank of America, SCB, Deutsche bank, and many more. The experience I got working with  industry leaders and understanding their pain points was priceless. My professional journey taught me that quality assurance, performance benchmarking, and monitoring are critical no matter the company size.

CodeNOW: During the hard times of Covid, you decided to start your own company. What made you do this? Do you have partners with whom you decided to take this step together?

Chavdar: Covid changed the world and it will never be the same. If in the past one company with 1000 employees had one office to maintain and operate, now they have to run in 1000 offices, due to the demand for work from everywhere. Achieving the desired scalability requires a lot of automation and infrastructure optimizations to handle such change.

It opens an opportunity for us and our core expertise to provide solutions and support companies to mitigate these challenges. That was the turning point where my co-founders and I decided to start our journey.

CodeNOW: Who are your partners or members of your team and how did your collaboration come about?

Chavdar: My co-founders are Ivan Dobrinov (Chief Technology Officer of 1Crew) and Georgi Gocev (Chief Product Officer). We have known each other for decades. I will start first with Georgi. His expertise in automation platforms is crucial for the development of our products and solutions. Teams under his supervision and coaching have delivered complex process and test automation solutions with enterprise and open-source tools for more than 15 years. Georgi has successfully performed projects ranging from a minor automation task to applying automation framework solutions on an enterprise level. 1Crew leverages his experience working with HP, IBM and Deutsche Bank  create the foundation by which it achieves high standards. By focusing on ROI and SLA, Georgi keeps our team focused and our partners happy!

My next co-founder is Ivan Dobrinov, an IT professional with 15+ years of experience working with international companies like Siemens and Hewlett-Packаrd. His expertise spans various domains – from the telecommunications industry through IT Service Management to Big Data, retail and energy trading. He has participated in multiple large-scale projects involving the most popular cloud providers. He has dealt with an extensive set of technologies related to software support and automation of business workflows and software development lifecycle. As CTO of 1Crew – he drives the company’s technical strategy focused on automation and innovative solutions around processes optimization.

CodeNOW: CodeNOW is a solution for everyone. What were your reasons for using CodeNOW as a product/solution? What do you expect from CodeNOW?

Chavdar: CodeNOW is a powerful solution that improves the added value of our services. We plan to combine its development platform capabilities with our quality and automation methodologies to provide our customers with a complete end-to-end SDLC solution.

CodeNOW: When you are listening to the market, you hear that companies are suffering from constantly increasing maintenance time of their projects which leads to less time for feature developments. What do you think about that and what are 1Crew plans to improve the situation?

Chavdar: From small startups to big enterprises, almost every company falls into the trap of adding more and more features to meet their customer’s demands. It resulted in a constant increase in the cost of a defect. Adding new features is always much faster than introducing quality measures. On the other hand, companies that try to improve their quality methods often get poor ROI of their automation efforts and unsatisfactory results in production due to improper quality assurance strategies.

Applying industry best practices through our managed service model, we enable our customers to start running robust automation tests in less than 24 hours. We constantly improve our new customer onboarding process to reduce our overhead in integrating with customer environments. Our primary focus is always to improve customer ROI and help them invest in the areas that will positively affect their production quality.

Last but not least, our platform provides a unique capability to identify regression inside known defects. As you know, if a known bug is not fixed in an agile manner and remains unfixed for weeks, it can introduce severe regressions to the application and respectively increase the “cost of a defect.”

CodeNOW: Interesting. Do you have any other solutions to improve the application performance?

Chavdar: It is an excellent question because apart from functional testing, customers neglect performance testing very often. Performance defects are the most expensive ones because they require architectural changes in more than 80% of the cases. Therefore, we introduce automated performance testing for every code change as part of our test strategy.
Application performance has another two aspects apart from the standard SDLC process.

The first one is application limits.The COVID situation does not have only a negative impact. It also brings massive growth to many businesses. These companies struggle to predict what their applications’ limits are. This is the entry point for us to support our customers and help them find their business limits. We set up and execute holistic benchmark tests. Our reports contain detailed information for the application scalability and the weak components inside the tested solutions.

The second aspect is performance troubleshooting. These are situations where the customer is on fire and needs immediate resolution. With our deep expertise and toolset built over decades, we helped many of our customers identify severe production issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.

CodeNOW:  In short, what is your company’s vision and mission?

Chavdar: Our mission is to fill in the missing piece that a company needs to secure its product development and business scaling process. Our crew of bright young individuals aims to utilize technologies to fill in the gap between developing a great software product and keeping it scalable and maintainable. We believe automation is the key to software’s excellent performance, reliability, and scalability, 1Crew is here to provide an all-in-one solution that contains a great team of experts and leading automation capabilities.
We aim to be a leader and preferred partner to our clients regarding scaling, performance, and test planning strategy. Our vision is to enablе software companies to optimize their processes, maximize their “applications” quality and focus on their core business goals.

CodeNOW: If we were to sit down for a coffee a year from now and talk about what 1Crew has achieved in that time, what do you think you could tell me?

Chavdar: Fully operational managed services model providing customers with effective and efficient functional and non-functional automated testing processes

CodeNOW: Mr. Trendafilov thank you very much for the interview. We wish you plenty of success for your company and also the partnership with CodeNOW.

Chavdar: It was a great honor to take part in this interview. Thank you, and we are looking forward to expanding our partnership.

Interview between Chavdar Trendafilov and Armin Khani from CodeNOW